These ‘Harry Potter’ Highlighters Are So. Magical.

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The internet basically had a collective meltdown earlier this month when These 'Harry Potter' Highlighters Are SO. MAGICAL. - Reddit Harry Potter Palette

Source: Reddit

It was only a matter of time before someone made these dream palettes a reality. It’s not the exact palettes (we’re still lusting after those house animal-embossed colors), but it’s close enough.

According to A Whimsical Willow is the genius responsible for making our Harry Potter makeup dreams come true. The vegan-friendly palette has three highlighters and three contour shades. The highlighters are Unicorn Hair, Hedwig, and Butterbeer Foam, As for the contours, we get Dragon Scales, Pigwigeon, and Firewhiskey.

These 'Harry Potter' Highlighters Are SO. MAGICAL. - Etsy harry potter palette

Source: Etsy

The highlighter/contour palette is currently sold out (because of course it was in high demand), but you can bet we’ll be checking A Whimsical Willow’s Etsy shop regularly, hoping she restocks. When they were in stock, the palettes were going for $40.


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