These Makeup Brushes Will Make Your Mermaid Dreams Come True

Actual mermaid magic for your face

If you dove deep into the unicorn beauty trend, then you will flip for the next big thing in whimsical beauty: MERMAID EVERYTHING.

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As Refinery29 reports, Mermaid Salon is leading the way in mermaid-themed beauty with some truly magical mermaid makeup brushes. The short, stubby brushes have fins for handles and you can use them for just about anything (highlighter, foundation—if you can brush it or blend it, these bad boys can do it).


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They come in three colors—black, silver, and rose gold—and we want all three. You can pre-order the set for $16, meaning they’re also a bargain. PRAISE HANDS. 🙌  🙌  🙌 .

Featured Image Source: Bustle