These Rose Gold Unicorn Brushes Are Definitely On Our Wish List

~So magical~

Unicorn makeup brushes took over the internet earlier this year. As Pop Sugar reports, the magical-looking brushes, created by Unicorn Lashes, sold out not just once, but twice in September.

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It’s not surprising; unicorn-themed products have been dominating the beauty market all year (hello, unicorn hair and unicorn highlighter). If you missed the magical brushes when they went viral in September, there’s good news. Unicorn Lashes is releasing another set of the brushes, this time in rose gold.

And yeah, they’re as gorgeous and magical as they sound:

Then came gold… 👑 #unicornbrushes #ROYALEcollection

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The new brushes will be available in 2017. That means they won’t be here for the holidays, but hey, we’ll take an IOU (or, better yet, proof of preorder) in our stockings instead. Oh, and if you’re desperate to get your hands on a set of unicorn brushes before the new year, the original rainbow-bristled set will be re-released in December, according to Unicorn Lashes founder Mel Blue.

Say it with us now: Yaaaasssss.

Featured Image Source: Allure