This Is Glitter Makeup Like You’ve Never Seen Before

It literally sparkles like jewelry on your body

If you’re a fan of body glitter, you need to listen up. Way back in the ’90s, body glitters were all the rage, but they were gloopy and slimy and sticky and lot of other things that weren’t just “glittery” and “awesome.” Now, Allure has brought our attention to a new kind of body glitter that might just change the entire glitter makeup game.

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Lemonhead Spacepaste Glitter Spackle is a glitter paste that is 100% sparkle with none of the downsides of traditional body glitter gels. Allure credits French makeup artist Violette with bringing their attention to the product, via her Instagram feed. We can’t blame them — we can’t look away, either.


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“When I received the glitter, I was like, Oh my God, this is amazing, because it’s this super interesting texture,” Violette told Allure. “It’s a paste — a glitter paste — so when I applied it on the eyebrows, it no longer looks like makeup but more like jewelry. And that’s really my thing, I like using makeup as a fashion statement but for the face, and this product does that.”

Glitter makeup that looks like jewelry when you wear it? SIGN. US. UP. People started out using glitter paste to take part in the glitter roots hair trend, but it’s quickly evolving into a makeup staple among beauty gurus.

Here’s some inspo if you want to try the look yourself:

While you eat candy, I eat glitter ✨Try it, your dentist will love it 😉 #INSPO

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birthday bitch on @ashleybeverly is magic 🎉💁🏻🦄

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Now, just watch this video of the glitter paste being poured into its jar and try not to look away.

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Featured Image Source: Allure