This Post-Gym Skin Regimen is Crucial For Clear Skin

This Post Gym Skin Regimen is Absolutely Crucial For Clear Skin

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Washing your face before you go to the gym is a given (after all, you don’t want to sweat with all that makeup on, right?). But did you know that cleansing your skin after the gym is just as important, if not more? According to an interview with Byrdie, dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman gives us all the info on proper skincare after working out.

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Engelman declares that, “Post-gym/workout skincare is just as important as removing your makeup before you start a good sweat session.” But it’s not just about cleansing the obvious (like sweat). It’s also to help remove some less obvious bacteria since “you’re touching shared equipment in a shared space, and if you wipe your face or push your hair back at any point, there will be a transfer of bacteria.” Good point.

With the help of Dr. Engelman, we now have a perfect post gym skin care regimen that will not only keep breakouts at bay, but help make your skin glow!

1. Cleanse Your Face and Body

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The first, and very obvious step, is to make sure you thoroughly cleanse your face and your body. While a shower is your best bet in this case, using a gentle cleansing wipe will do just fine! Don’t forget to cleanse the back, chest, neck, and hands!

2. Try Misting

To keep your skin hydrated, rejuvenated and reduce any redness from working out, try using a facial spray. Most facial sprays are infused with botanicals, herbs or medicine to help pamper you skin. This will also allow you to cool down faster.

3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

This one is no surprise, right? Moisturizing is one of the most important steps in facial care for a number of reasons. It helps hydrate your skin, it keeps skin looking young and it can even treat acne! But this step is especially important after the gym. Not only will this help calm your dilated blood vessels, but it will also replenish nutrients that might have been stripped during your exercise.

4. Use Tinted Makeup

Ideally, you won’t be putting any makeup on your face for at least an hour after working out. But if you’re heading out to school or to meet with friends after, try something light. Using a tinted moisturizer will give you a bit of coverage without applying too much on your already glowing skin. If you’re used to a full face of makeup, the first week might be hard, but your skin will thank you!

5. Don’t Use Hair Products

This tip is something you might not think about, but is incredibly important! Using any heavy conditioners or sprays while the body is still warm can result in the product melting off of your hair and down to your face and back. From there, they will clog your pores! 


Sebrin Elms
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