This Princess Eye Makeup Trend Is Beyond Royal

Grab a corgi because you're about to look like a QUEEN 👑

Finally, the internet has birthed a beauty trend as royal as your true self. The crown eyeshadow trend is exactly what it sounds like — crowns drawn on your lids (or above your brows) with eyeshadow — and it’s like something out of a dream.

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Cosmopolitan reports that we have this trend thanks to 19-year-old Marissa Melhorn from Nebraska. The look was so perfect that it inspired tons of Insta-copycats, but TBH, we can’t blame anyone who wanted to get this look themselves.

Here’s Marissa’s original look:

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And here are just some of the other beauty looks it inspired:


Sapphire crown lids 👑👑💙

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Including a brow variation that is ON. POINT.


Admit it: You’re dying to try this one yourself. We know we are.

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