How to Use a Bobby Pin for the Ultimate Cat Eye Hack

Sooooo cool

LBH: achieving the perf cat eye is hard for so many of us. Whether it’s shaky hands or zero patience, getting the glam look can be next to impossible.

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Until now.

Beauty blogger and makeup artist, who goes by the name BeautynMalia on Instagram, has just come up with the latest makeup hack that’s not only super easy but looks AWESOME, too.

The trick? She uses something we all have in our makeup bags right now to create the most amazing winged eye: a bobby pin!

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So how does she do it? First, Malia coated the top of the bobby pin with liquid eyeliner. Next, she pressed it again her eye where she wanted the wings to be, stamping it into the cat eye shape. Once her outline was complete, she lined the rest of her eye. She completed the look by filling in her cat eye outline and connecting it with the lines on her lash line.

The process is repeated on the other eye, and voila! The result is absolutely gorgeous, proving it’s one of the best makeup hacks we’ve ever seen!

We’re sure that once you’ve mastered this simple trick, you’ll be rockin’ the cat eye look whenever you head out with your squad.

Check out exactly how Malia accomplishes the glam winged eye in her video below.