Ultimate Lazy Girl Makeup Hacks

We'll slay after we hit snooze 8 more times

Have you ever had to choose between sleeping in an extra twenty minutes or dragging your tired butt out of bed to put on your makeup for the day? Me too. What if I told you that you could have BOTH? I know what you’re thinking: “an extra twenty minutes AND still look made up for the day? Are you some kind of WIZARD?”. Yes, yes I am. I specialize in lazy girl magic.

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When sleep is more important than a sharp contour and your pillow is closer to your heart than your liquid liner, you know that you are an official Lazy Girl. And these are the hacks for you.

Hack #1 Easy Eyebrows
If I had 50 hours, I STILL couldn’t accomplish Instagram-worthy brows. Luckily, a tinted eyebrow gel will give you perfect eyebrows in one step. The color helps your brows look more even and fuller and the gel will lock them into place so your brows stay put.

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Hack #2 Skip Concealer!
Instead of baking your concealer for 20 minutes for a bright and bag-less under eye area, just pop two cold metal spoons under your eyes. The cold constrict blood vessels and promotes circulation to decrease the dark sleepy look. Hold them to your face until you feel them start to warm up.

Hack #3 Lip Saver
Ok, so you left your lip gloss under the seat in your car and now it’s probably a gross melty mess. Who wants to go all the way out to the car, anyway? NO ONE, that’s who. Dab your finger in a pot of vaseline, pop it on your lips, and you will have shiny lips that stay moisturized all day!

Hack #4 Press On Your Makeup
Press on eyeshadows are like stickers for your face! If you’re hopeless at executing a smokey eye, then you need these in your life. Press on or tattoo makeup is relatively cheap and requires very little skill to apply! You can pick these up at the drugstore or at some online stores. With a little bit of blending (come on, you can totally move a brush back and forth for a few seconds) you will get a perfect eye look in just a few seconds.

And there you go! You look gorgeous, darling. Someone got their beauty rest. 


Sydney Pugh
Sydney Pugh

Sydney is a Virginia native who fell in love with Los Angeles and decided to make it her new home. If you ever see a girl walking her poodle Henry with coffee in one hand and a book in the other, it’s probably her. Stop by and say hi, or follow her on Instagram and Twitter (@SydSoCal).