The Unicorn Frappuccino Manicure is the Latest Nail Art Trend

Have the unicorn trend at the tips of your fingers

Starbuck’s limited edition Unicorn Frappuccino has sadly come and gone, after having an internet viral moment that rivaled even the Kardashians (thankfully, the unicorn trend isn’t going anywhere). Instead of mourning its absence from the Starbuck’s drink menu, though, try honoring everything fabulous that was the Unicorn Frappuccino by rocking one these inspired manicures.

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Just like the drink itself, these nails are pink, blue, and bright. Even if you don’t have the tiny painting skills to draw an actual Starbucks cup on your nail, you can easily give yourself a pink and blue manicure.

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You can try painting the bottom half of your nails pink and blue like the Frappuccino and the top half white like the whipped cream. And if you ever mastered that water marbling nail art technique that was all the rage a few years, you might be able to achieve the perfect pink and blue tie-dyed effect.


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