Unicorn Snot Is the Shiny New Body Glitter You Need

It's all so magical

Our two fave beauty trends — the ’90s and unicorns — come together in one amazing product that just happens to have a really gross name: Unicorn Snot.

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We know. The word ‘snot’ reminds us of winter colds — and NOT shimmery awesomeness —  but if you think about it, this IS probably what would come out of a unicorn’s nose if it sneezed.

Anyway, back to the glitter gel. Back in the ’90s, EVERYONE wore it, and we are so thrilled it’s back — and now with a magical touch. The product comes in a slew of bright neon colors, including pink, green, purple, silver, and gold. The shades are non-sticky and translucent, and will look awesome pretty much anywhere, from your arms to your collarbone to your lips. All you have to do is swipe some of the magic onto your desired area, and you’ll be ready to have a dreamy day.

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If you’re looking for some beauty ideas, Instagram has tons of inspo. Using the glitzy goodness as a highlighter and eyeshadow seems to be a popular choice.

When your BFF is 5 ….. #unicornsnot 🦄🦄🦄

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However, or wherever, you decide to use it, there’s no question that you’ll definitely look sparkly, beautiful and unique — like the unicorn you’re truly meant to be.