You Can Use This Bath Bomb as a Highlighter

Your highlight will be the bomb

LUSH bath bombs have become an internet sensation, with pictures of dreamy-looking bathtubs filled with multicolored bubbles getting thousands of notes on Tumblr and likes on Instagram.

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One of LUSH’s best-selling bath bombs is the Golden Egg—which is (unsurprisingly) egg-shaped, and covered in gold glitter. LUSH describes it as “toffee-scented” and “packed full of fair trade cocoa butter.”

Tons of LUSH fans have discovered when holding their Golden Eggs that the gold glitter transfers onto their fingers, and when they swipe it onto their cheeks, it transforms into a beautiful highlighter.

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Because it’s from LUSH and made only from natural ingredients and safe synthetics, the Golden Egg is perfectly okay for your skin in the tub and your skin on your cheekbones. So highlight away!

Featured Image Source: My Lush and Stuff