Watercolor Eyes Are the Prettiest Trend of the Season

So perfect for springtime

This spring, makeup trends are colorful, creative and super gorge. And no trend encapsulates that more than watercolor eyes! It’s recently been flooding our Instagram feed and we totally get why. The beauty trend, which incorporates metallics, pastels, and basically every color of the rainbow, mimics the effect of colorful paintings for a look that is both memorable and magical.

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From watercolored ombre eyes to multi-colored eye makeup, the options are endless with this fab technique. Though using an eye makeup with luminosity works best, cream eyeshadows are just as effective. We know that your mind is already — ahem — swimming with possibilities, so to help you along, we found some stunning examples to get you started. The results? Beautiful works of art, of course!


1. Subtle is Sweet

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This stunning look combines pink, purple and blue hues in a subtle but stunning way that is sure to stand out. And it looked amazing paired with a barely there blush and pink gloss.


2. Wear Your Rainbow

There are no fast rules when it comes to this trend. If you want to wear all the colors of the rainbow, do it! Couple your rainbow eyes with a bold brow and lip, and it’s the perf look for festival season.


3. Gorgeous Gloss

This look combines two huuuuge eye makeup trends we love: watercolor and gloss. Combining deep purples and blues with a hint of red gives a psychedelic look that is hard to forget and easy to love.


4. Splatter It

What’s awesome about this look is, unlike your elementary school art class, you don’t have to stay inside the lines. You can depth and drama with little dabs and swipes of your fave shade. The finished product? An amazing abstract look worthy of a true artist.


5. Pretty Pastels

Light pink, purple and peach tones — with a hint of blue — are the perf shades for spring. Add a bit of shimmer and a subtle cat eye for a beautiful look that works for both day and night.


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