We Got Our Eyelashes Extended To See What The Rave Was All About

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Do you ever feel like everyone around you suddenly has super long lashes? And we mean everyone – movie stars, celebrities on your Insta feed, co-workers, even the cashier at Walgreens. You think you lost the genetic lottery, but it turns out most people aren’t born with lashes as long as Katy Perry’s. They get them professionally extended.

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When we first heard about this, we were confused. We’ve heard of hair extensions…but eyelashes? Wouldn’t that be painful? How does it work? Do you ever wash your face? Do struggle to keep your eyelids open with all the extra weight?

We decided to head over the Blink Bar on Melrose to get our eyelashes extended and see what all the fuss is about. Here’s what we learned.

Eyelash extensions take a really long time to put on. Like, a really long time. 

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When you get your eyelashes extended for the first time, the process can typically take up to two hours. It’s pretty relaxing, and most people actually take naps while they’re in there! The ambiance at the Blink Bar made us feel like we were at a spa. You can even bring headphones if you want to zone out for the time you’re there. Plus, once you see the end result, you’ll be happy your specialist spent a lot of time perfecting your lash look.

The process is painless

While you’re getting your eyelashes extended, you really don’t feel a thing! They put these strips under your eyes to protect your bottom lashes, but once those are on, you barely even notice someone is gluing individual lashes onto your natural ones.

You don’t feel them once they are on 

One of our biggest concerns was that once the eyelashes were on, our eyelids would feel heavier. However, this was not the case. Once they are on, you really do not feel any different, other than the fact that your eyelashes have grown their own shadow. The only difference we noted, however, was that we could now see the tips of our lashes in our peripheral vision. But hey, we didn’t mind! That just means our lashes were super lengthy and voluminous.

People noticed a difference immediately

Once you get those lashes lengthened, get ready for some compliments! The next day at work, everyone noticed a difference in our lashes, without us even telling them we got them done. The look was so natural looking, nobody had even guessed we had gotten them extended. They just thought we switched up our makeup routine. We were happy because one of our concerns was that the look would be super dramatic. But our technicians knew exactly which lash look would best fit our natural lashes, so they were really just accentuating the features we already had and loved.



Here are our end results:

We Got Our Eyelashes Extended To See What The Rave Was All AboutWe Got Our Eyelashes Extended To See What The Rave Was All About


We Got Our Eyelashes Extended To See What The Rave Was All About

We Got Our Eyelashes Extended To See What The Rave Was All About


We were so happy with the way our lashes looked after heading to Blink Bar, and would definitely recommend the spot to any of our friends looking to give their natural beauty a boost.

Overall, we both loved our new looks and would definitely get our lashes extended again!


-Dahlia & Vanessa