Beauty: We’re In Love With These Short Hairstyles

Short hair, don't care

Emma Stone has graced the cover of the November issue of Vogue with an almost TOO adorable pixie cut. This look was achieved with a wig – she hasn’t actually chopped her locks. Nevertheless, we fell in love with this look so hard that we were inspired to compile some of our favorite short hairstyles we love, old and new.

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The Pixie
The pixie is such a classic look – low-maintenance, yet whimsical and playful. So many of our favorite celebrities have rocked the pixie over the years – Halle Barry, Carey Mulligan, and the gorgeous Emma Watson. If you want to make a big change and go short, there are so many different types of pixies. From short and sleek to piecey and angular, you can style this ‘do any way you’d like.

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The Bob
I can’t think about a bob without imaging Taylor Swift! Though you can’t pull your hair into a pony, getting a bob will make shampooing a snap and your look very retro chic.

The Lob
The lob, or “long bob”, is basically a grown-out bob. It may or may not brush your shoulders. This is on the longer end of the short-hair spectrum, so you can curl, style, and even pull your hair back while being a very easy style to maintain.

The Undercut
The Undercut, or a ‘do that involves shaving sections of your hair while leaving the top long, has been having a MOMENT (thank you, Ruby Rose). This one is cool because it doesn’t follow any rules, and you can create your own undercut style.

We are enamored by all of these short hairstyles. If you’re looking to shake up your look for fall, why not try one of these oh-so-cute, low maintenance cuts?

Sydney Pugh
Sydney Pugh

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