What Are PB&J Lips and How Can You Get This Look?

Achieve This Look Stolen From Beyonce

What would you say if I told you that the newest lip trend this season would not only give you range for more creativity, but mirrors one of your favorite lunches from your elementary school days?

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Confused? You should be, because the hottest lip trend this year isn’t going to be sparkle lips or over lined lips, but PB&J lips.

According to Sir John, L’Oréal Paris’ celebrity makeup artist and Beyonce’s main makeup artist, this is going to be the biggest trend this year!

“I am coining this a new trend in 2017. The technique is all about mixing different shades of lip colors and ‘smacking’ lips together to create a super-ethereal, cool look,” Sir John explained in an interview with Byrdie. Much like smashing peanut butter and jelly together to make an amazing sandwich, you’re essentially doing the same thing with your lips.  

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Starting the New Year in formation like… #BKxSJ

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“It’s something [Beyoncé and I] came up when were super rushed before an event. We already had color on her bottom lip but didn’t have enough time to sit there and apply color to the top. I grabbed the closest lip color (which was a totally different shade than the one on her bottom lip) and quickly applied it. Without thinking, she smacked her lips together. The end result was a gorgeous wash of color.” This might just be the greatest beauty hack to come out of 2017. So far, anyway.

“It’s like you’re walking around with a piece of art on your face—it’s a truly custom lip every time you rock the look,” Sir John explains. “It also creates this visual interest as people get closer to you because they start to see this 3D color effect.”

However, there is a technique to this amazing look. Sir John goes onto explain that ” many women are used to rubbing their lips together, sort of how you used to do with lip gloss. In this case, though, it doesn’t mix the color well, so you do not want to rub.” According to Sir John, to achieve this look you must “smack the color together on your lips. When you hear the smacking sound, you know you’re meshing the colors together perfectly.”


This whole trend takes mixing and matching to a whole new level! Still, you’re going to want to stick to hues that sort of just work together. Don’t contrast too much with a nude on top and dark on the bottom. Sir John says, “As long as you keep the colors in the same family, you are golden.” So if you are going dark, match a dark berry on top and wine on bottom as Sir John suggests.

But to make your lips absolutely pop, girl you gotta highlight. To get the definition that you want, be sure to place the brighter colors where you need more definition. “This is usually the top lip, as our top lip tends to be smaller than the bottom lip,” says Sir John.

So for those of you trying this trick for the very first time, make sure you “smack” your bottom lip slightly over the edge of your top lip. This will help get you that full lip look you’ve been dying to create!