What are Zig Zag Curls and How do You Get Them?

Crimping your hair is back in a new way

Crimped hair was so huge in the 80s, and it had a little resurgence in the 2000s (pretty sure we can all thank one Lizzie McGuire for that).

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What are zig zag curls and how do you get them lizzie mcguire gif 1

Source: Yuku

Now, stars like Ariana Grande are channeling the 80s and Lizzie by bringing back the crimping trend yet again. Clearly this is one of those things that’s never going to go away completely.

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However, there is a way to take crimping and make it totally 2017 instead of 1987. Zig zag hair is like crimped hair’s cool, older sister, and with the right tool, it’s just as easy to achieve.


Canadian hair artist Ariba Pervaiz posted this photo on her Instagram where she achieved perfectly huge, glamorous zig zag curls—look closely and you can see how they’re not the soft, rounded shape of traditional curls, but instead have almost “hard” edges. Watch how she gets her zig zag curls in the video below:


The unique zig zags are created with the Glampalm Zig Zag Styling Iron, which is shaped exactly like the curls it makes. Unlike a traditional crimping iron, though, this one doesn’t clamp down on your hair, but rather you wrap sections around the barrel like a curling iron.

What are zig zag curls and how do you get them glampalm 3

Source: Glampalm

I was afraid my hair would get too frizzy if the curls opened up but it created such a unique texture!” Ariba wrote in her caption. “The trick is to twist the roots before wrapping the hair around the iron and to unravel the section the same way you wrap it.”

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