What is a Cut Crease and How Do I Do One?

This makeup technique is everything

If you want to impress your friends with your incredible makeup knowledge and know-how, offer to give them a makeover complete with a cut crease at your next sleepover! Wondering exactly what a cut crease is? It’s an eyeshadow technique where a darker or contrasting shadow is used in the crease of your eye and a lighter shade is used on the lid to give the illusion of depth. It’s a super dramatic look that is a little easier to manage than a classic smokey eye.

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To achieve a cut crease, first you need to identify your crease. Looking in a mirror with your eye open, see the fold where your eyelid meets your brow bone? Yep, that’s your crease! If you don’t have a defined lid, you can create it by taking shadow and drawing a line where you’d like your crease to be. If you’re still having trouble, there are tons of hacks to help you create a crease!

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There are no definitive rules on the “right” way to create a cut crease, so once you’ve identified your crease the rest is up to you and your creativity. All you need to do is apply lid shadow to your crease! Some general tips: avoid too much blending of your crease color or you risk turning your cut crease into a two-toned smokey eye.

If you are planning to apply a second product like loose glitter or gel liner, do that last. You can always clean it up with a little extra shadow if necessary.

You can dress your cut crease up or down by integrating different products. Two similar shades paired together will give you a more subtle glam, or you could add a stripe of glitter liner to bring attention to your eyes for holiday events!

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