What We Know So Far About Kat Von D’s Saint + Sinner Palette

She's teased us long enough

Kat Von D is adding a brand new eye shadow palette to her vast collection of cosmetics: Saint + Sinner. Looking back on Kat’s releases, it seems like she enjoys palettes with two different sides, like highlighting with contouring and matte with metals. This palette will probably have a similar effect.

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Kat posted this photo on her Instagram recently, giving us a peek into the naming process behind the Saint + Sinner eye shadow shades. The Saint side has virtuous names like Heaven, Salvation, and Worship, while the Sinner side sticks to a darker motif with Ashes, Archangel, and Rapture. None of these names are finalized yet, but it’s easy to see the direction she’s going with. According to the caption, the colors will be inspired by a cathedral’s stained glass windows, so we’re picturing some vivid colors.

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The release of the Saint + Sinner palette is going to coincide with the re-release of Kat’s Saint and Sinner perfumes, longtime fan favorites. There’s no release date for the palette and perfumes as of yet, although it’s looking to be sometime next year. Keep your eye on Kat’s Instagram for (hopefully) more hints and, eventually, swatches.

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