What You Need to Know About Cake Mascara

AKA the next big thing in beauty

Cake mascara might just be the next big thing in beauty, but the awesome thing is that it’s actually one of the older things in beauty — many modern beauty lovers are just learning about it now. Bésame Cosmetics’ Cake Mascara went on sale on Sephora’s website this fall and sold out almost immediately, Glamour reports.

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So what is cake mascara? Unlike most mascaras, which come in tubes, cake mascara comes in a palette and you use water to apply it to the brush.

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What You Need to Know About Cake Mascara - Besame cake mascara

Source: Glamour

As Glamour points out, there are a few benefits to this. First, it makes your cake mascara multipurpose — in addition to using it like traditional mascara, it can also function as your eyeliner or eyebrow filler. Also, it’s way better for your beauty hygiene, because the brush is easy to clean between uses and there’s no tube for gross gunk and bacteria to build up in.


We’ll be stocking up on this ASAP.

Featured Image Source: Refinery29