What’s Your Best Eyebrow Shape?

Plucking, Waxing, and Threading, Oh My!

It’s easy to fall into a rut with your eyebrows: they have a natural shape, and most people default to that instead of experimenting with new styles. But it’s worth it to learn about the variety of possible eyebrow shapes, because there might be one that flatters your face more so than your natural curve. Waxing or threading can help you get to a new shape, and there are tons of great products to help you maintain your new brows.

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High Arch

If you’re going for a dramatic look or have particularly angular features, highlight them with a high arch. It also works particularly well for round faces, they can help define your features. They do require some upkeep, so pick up a brow kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills ($65.)

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Soft Arch

This style looks great if you have a square jaw line, it softens the angles while keeping high definition. It’s also a great shape to ask for if you’ve never had your brows professionally done before, it’ll help you transition into more unique styles. Grab a Benefit Soft and Natural Brow Kit ($34) to aid your transition to brow glory.


Half Moon

A curved eyebrow is a newer trend that celebs are adopting. It’s versatile across face shapes and allows you to experiment with eyebrow pencils and shaders like the Tarte Amazonian Clay Brow Pencil ($21.)

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This can be a severe look, but if you’re confident you can pull it off! Try this if you have naturally bushier brows and grab the Benefit Brow Volumizing Gel ($24.)

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Featured Image Source: Unsplash