Why You Need to Start Wearing A Sheet Mask

Get ready to glow, girl

No doubt you’ve seen sheet masks on your fave beauty bloggers and celebs all over Instagram, and probably found yourself wondering, “Why does everyone look like mummies?” The trend is just the latest beauty obsession hailing from Korea, and is basically the answer to every lazy girl’s facial prayers. Sheet masks are easy to use and reap amazing results, and here’s why you need to starting one stat.

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It’s a No Fuss Indulgence

Sheet masks, which have individual sheets, are soaked in highly concentrated serums and liquid botanicals, and are basically ready to be used as soon as you open the package. All you need to do is make sure your face is clean before using one, and BOOM! It’s literally the easiest and most luxurious facial you’ll ever give your gorgeous face. Bonus: You don’t even have to wash your face afterwards.

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It’s Super Fast

Sheet masks are really effective because as they stick to your skin, the ingredients infused in the mask are transferred and able to penetrate deeply and easily. With just one quick 15-20 minute application, your skin will be looking fresh and dewy.


It Works for All Skin Types

Sheet masks are not skin type-biased. There is one — if not tons — for each and every skin type. Need to brighten up your skin? Try Patchology Exfoliate FlashMasque Facial Sheets ($8). Is your skin super dehydrated? Masque Bar Aloe Face Sheet Mask ($8) is a good bet. Want to combat acne? Buy up a few of Dr. Jart+Dermask Micro Jet Clearing Solution ($9).


It’s Awesome for Your Self-Care

#SelfCareSunday is a popular hashtag for a reason: it’s sooooo necessary to take the time and treat yo self on a regular basis. When you put aside a few minutes each week to #DoYou and pamper yourself with a sheet mask, your stresses and fatigue fade away (at least for a moment), and the results show — or should we say, GLOW — on your face.


It’s Not Just for Your Face

Believe it or not there are sheet masks for the other parts of your body that deserve some TLC. If you’re an athlete and have dry and callused feet, then you’ll def want to try Baby Foot ($15). These “socks” are made from the same disposable material as a sheet mask and use an exfoliator to peel off your skin — in a good way! Want to plump up your lips? The Face Shop Bebe Lip Mask ($3).


It’s Beauty on the Go!

You can obvs use your sheet masks at home, but they’re also super easy to travel with. Because the masks are packaged in thin and sterile foil packets, they’re perfect to take along on vacations, to the gym, or to your bestie’s house where you can host the ultimate spa day party or get ready pre-prom with your squad. YASSS!

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