Yes, You Too Can Rock Black Lips this Fall

Get Instagram worthy lips

There is nothing more bold than rocking some black lipstick. But for the everyday lipstick user, swiping on some dark lipstick may seem a little intimidating.

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You’ll be surprised to know that black lipstick is almost as versatile as your go-to red, or mauve shade. Don’t believe me? Here are some tips to slay your black lipstick game.

1. Keep the rest of your look simple.

Very much like any makeup rule of thumb, if you’re going with a bold eye or lip, keep the rest of your look understated. Swipe on some simple blush and your good to go.

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How to Rock Black Lips this Fall: model with black lipsSource

2. Black lips work on EVERY skin tone.

A common misconception of dark lipstick is that on paler skin tones it will wash out their complexion. This is not the case. Black lipstick flatters every single skin tone. Very much like any sort of makeup, you have to play around with different shades until you find one that works on you.

How to Rock Black Lips this Fall: black lipstickSource

How to Rock Black Lips this Fall: Rihanna


3. Go Slow

Just like any darker lip color, this shade is straight up UNFORGIVING when it comes to mistakes. Go slow when lining your lips and applying the color. The time you spend perfecting those lines will be so worth it. Also pro tip: use your black eyeliner pencil to line your lips BEFORE you apply the lipstick. It will keep the dark shade from feathering and makes sure that lipstick stays PUT.


How to Rock Black Lips this Fall: black lipstickSource


4. Go Matte

The easiest way to make sure your lipstick doesn’t transfer to your latte cup, or even worse, onto your teeth, is to stick with a matte formula. Once applied and dried, most matte liquid lips will stay put and you won’t wind up with black lipstick flakes all over your teeth.

I’m personally a huge fan of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I love their liquid to matte formula! It dries down very neatly and looks amazing all day long

You can get his black liquid lip in the shade Weirdo here.

How to rock black lips; Jeffree star black lip


5. Accessories. Accessories. Accessories.

Black lips obvi aren’t for the faint of heart, but if you really want to turn heads, be a little extra and turn up the accessories. A big pair of sunnies or some knock out braiding – have fun!

How to rock black lipstick; sunglasses


6. Dress the part

Black lipstick instantly says, “I know fashion“. It can take any casual outfit and turn it up a notch. A vintage tee and some denim shorts. Done. Cream sweater and leggings with booties. Done. Still stuck on what to wear with your black lipstick? You can never go wrong with all black everything. I promise you won’t look goth like.

How to Rock Black Lips this Fall: black outfit


7. Top it all off

Still kinda iffy on what to do with the rest of your makeup? Again, keep it simple with a few swipes of some “look at me” mascara and you are out the door!

How to wear black lipstick; mascara


Just remember that the biggest key to rocking any look is confidence!

How to rock black lipstick; 5H


Now go out and S.L.A.Y.



Here are some of my fave black lipsticks!

Lime crime liquid lip – in Black Velvet

Katy Perry’s new lipstick line – in Perry Panther

Kylie Cosmetics – in Dead of Knight

PDXBlacklipstickco – in Original