You Can Do It: Watercolor Makeup

Artistic and Beautiful

We’re sure you’ve seen it on the runway with Jill Stuart, in a pop art Halloween look, or on screen. And you’ve probably wondered whether you too can accomplish the watercolor makeup look. You can, if you have the right products.

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For every new makeup look you try, it’s important to start with a clean and moisturized base. It gives makeup the best chance of interacting properly with your skin. Especially in colder months, your skin needs to be moisturized to hold makeup. Next, apply your favorite foundation. For everyday watercolor makeup, working with your eyes is your best bet. Use a primer like Urban Decay Primer Potion ($10) on your lids to ensure maximum hold.

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From there, decide the look you want to emulate and find the proper colors to mimic it. There are tons of examples of these gorgeous eye looks on Instagram and elsewhere. So find your favorite and get a makeup palette that goes with it. For the look below or other super bright styles, we suggest the Electric Pressed Pigment Palette ($24.) For a pastel situation, try MAC’s Pastel x 9 ($32.)


Work from the color of the inner eye and go outwards, using a fluffed eyeshadow brush with a small point for precision. Depending on how dramatic you’re going with the look, you can keep the shadow going all the way up to your brow, or keep it in the lid area. When you add the second and third (or more!) colors, make sure to blend the edges to complete the magic of the look.


Use a liquid eyeliner to top it off. For a darker and edgier look like the one below, go with a black or dark grey liner. For a wild and creative style, try out striking pastels like lavender or light blue.


One you get used to experimenting with this fabulous technique, you can recreate more complicated designs or create your own.


Featured Image Source: MommyMoonblossom