Turns Out, You May Have Been Washing Your Hair Wrong Your Entire Life

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One of the great things about the internet is the fact that it can teach us new and glorious ways of approaching even the most mundane activities. The truth is that sometimes, even if you’ve done something thousands of time, like washing your hair, you’re still not a real master of it.

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In fact, The Daily Mail reports that you may have been washing your hair wrong your entire life.


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The latest trend in haircare is micellar washing, which means using special micellar water shampoo. These shampoos are gentle and mild for hair, which is a great relief if you’ve been over-washing your locks or using harsh shampoos that strip your hair of essential oils and nutrients.

The shampoo takes after the micellar water trend and micellar water is named for the tiny particles of oil called micelles that attract dirt, allowing the shampoo to remove residue without sacrificing moisture.



Micellar shampoos are a great alternative, especially for people with fine hair and/or super active lifestyles who feel the need to wash their hair daily.

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Kayleigh Roberts
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