How to Figure Out Your Skin’s Undertone

It'll help you so much with your makeup

You might pick your eyeshadow based on how it pairs with your eye color, but what you really should do is figure out your skin‘s natural undertone and use that to determine the shade of all the makeup you wear. Thankfully, it’s not too hard to figure out your skin’s undertone and start basing your makeup choices on it! Here’s what to do.

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You’ll be amazed at how much better you look when you choose your makeup (and even your clothes!) based on your skin’s undertone; it’ll really help bring out your natural glow. You know how that perfume you friend wears that you love just doesn’t smell right on you? That’s what it’s like when you wear the wrong makeup colors.

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You’re cool-toned if…

You look best in blue, purple, mint green, rose pink, and berry clothes.

For neutrals, you wear black and white.

You mostly wear silver jewelry.

The veins on the undersides of your wrists are mostly bluish.

Your hair is ashy blonde or brown without red tints.

Your skin burns in the sun.

You’re warm-toned if…

You look best in salmon, red, burnt orange, mustard yellow, and lime green clothes.

For neutrals, you wear nudes and ivories.

You mostly wear gold jewelry.

The veins on the undersides of your wrists have a greenish tint.

Your hair is reddish brown or honey blonde.

Your skin tans in the sun.

If options from both lists apply to you, you may have goes-with-anything neutral undertones.

Once you’ve determined if your skin’s undertones are warm or cool (or even neutral), you can begin buying makeup that suits these undertones. Enhance your natural beauty with cool-toned foundation for skin with cool undertones, and vice versa for warm. You’ll be amazed at how, when your foundation isn’t fighting against your natural tones, it really makes you glow. Bronzer shouldn’t be too warm for cool-toned skin, and warm-toned skin can handle deeper-colored blush than cool-toned. Find eyeshadow colors with undertones that match your own; warmer browns for warm undertones, cooler greys for cool undertones.

After you figure out your skin’s undertone, everything else falls into place!

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