You’ve Been Putting on Perfume the Wrong Way

make your perfume last all day

We’ve all seen perfume being put on in the movies. An elegant woman wearing too many pearls will spray perfume onto her wrists and rub them together, thus completing the perfect scent application. Right?

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Rubbing your wrist together heats up the perfume and removes the top notes (the first scents that you smell). This will alter the smell of your perfume AND cause it to wear off faster. So how should you apply your perfume for maximum scent and wearable time?

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To make your perfume last all day, spray it on your pulse points. Your blood is closer to the skin and will warm your perfume without altering the scent or removing the top notes. Once the top notes are gone, you’ll be able to smell the middle notes and finally the base notes. By keeping the top notes intact, your perfume will last longer and be more dynamic.

Perfume lasts longer on moisturized skin. If the dry skin flakes off, so does the scent. Dab on some moisturizer and apply your perfume out of the shower for the longest-lasting scent.

Remember, your nose grows accustomed to scents after a few minutes. Even though you can’t smell your perfume, it doesn’t mean others can’t. Don’t go crazy reapplying – everyone and their noses will thank you.