You’ve Got to Try Liquid Lipstick to Create Ombre Winged Eyeliner

Is this the newest trend?

Recently a Reddit user posted a photo of the coolest winged ombre eyeliner, but what makes this look even more awesome is that she used liquid lipstick to create it.

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Liquid Lipstick to Create Ombre Winged Eyeliner: reddit 1

Source: Imgur


Liquid Lipstick to Create Ombre Winged Eyeliner: reddit 2

Source: Imgur

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How amazing is this look? We scoured the Internet a bit more and found a bunch of people on Instagram showing us how they used liquid lipstick to create a great winged eyeliner look. The Instagram account FakeUp Fix posted a video using a slanted brush to apply the liquid lipstick.


Beauty blogger Angela Cuneo created her ombre eyeliner look by using Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Scorpio.


Make-up artist Francesca Ronco blended a red liquid lipstick in with her black eyeliner to make her ombre look.


We think the idea of using liquid lipstick as eyeliner is genius! The liquid lipstick formula goes on super smooth like an eyeliner, yet it dries super fast and has a beautiful matte finish that wont smear or budge until you take it off with makeup remover.

Will you be trying out this look?


Featured Image Source: Tumblr