Zendaya Reveals Exactly How She Covers Her Acne Scars

Besides having her own television show, appearing in “Spider-man: Homecoming,” and being an all-around amazing role model, Zendaya still finds the time to connect with her fans through her own app. In a recent video update, Zendaya shares exactly how she gets her simple, fresh-faced makeup look — including what it takes to cover up her acne scars.

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To start her quick beauty routine (which she says only uses products that can fit in a small bag, like when you’re on a plane), Zendaya puts on some moisturizer and then sets to work using concealer to cover the acne scars on her chin.

“Dab those bad boys out,” she says as she uses her finger tips — nothing fancy! — to blend the concealer in with a dabbing motion.

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Once they’re covered, she sets the concealer with translucent powder. Then she uses a shimmery bronzer on her cheek bones and eyelids, a cream blush for a “dewy” look, mascara, brow powder, a shiny balm for a highlighter, and clear lipgloss.

“That is how you look poppin’ and fierce with minimal product, minimal utensils, and… quickly!” she says once she’s done in just a few minutes.

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More and more stars are getting real about their struggles with acne, including Zendaya’s former co-star Bella Thorne (whose honesty earned her a partnership with Biore) and “Riverdale” star Lili Reinhart. All three ladies usually look so flawless on our TV screens and the red carpet; it helps to know that they face the challenges of problematic skin just like we do.

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