Vacation Style Challenge

Wheel of Fashion w/ Quincie & Candice

Boyfriend vs. Twin w/ Niki & Gabi

Who knows Niki better?

Bra Shopping w/ Marissa Rachel

Marissa Rachel tells us just how uncomfortable bra shopping can be.

How To Get A Boyfriend

Helpful tips from Motoki Maxted.

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Gigi Hadid’s Summer Body Workout

Marina Santos shows you how to workout like Gigi Hadid.

Video: Dad Hat Challenge

Wheel of Fashion w/ Roxette Arisa & Courtney Randall.

Summer Style Makeover

w/ Amber Scholl & Jazmine Lucero.

DIY Bath Bombs

Di Dare w/ Courtney Randall & James Boyd.

Comfort Food Challenge

Cook That w/ Maia Noelle & Josh Levi.

DIY Squirt Gun Art

Di Dare w/ Esparza Twins.