How To Tell if You’re in the Friend Zone

Mia Stammer shows us funny top ten signs to see if you're just friends or not.

Rainbow DIY Science

Meg DeAngelis tries three colorful DIY science experiments that you can try at home.

20 Ways to Respond to a Bully

Haters gonna hate so if someone's a jerk to you, throw one of these guys right back at them!

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How To Tell if You’ve Been Ghosted

Mia Stammer gives us the details, like if they changed their number or their address.

Drugstore Dupe: Nars Highlighter

Do these drugstore alternatives get the job done? Find out!

MayBaby Gets a Tattoo

Meg DeAngelis aka MayBaby gets a tattoo and gives one to Romeo Lacoste.

Jacob Whitesides Surprises Fans at a Salon

Jacob Whitesides teams up with his fans' moms and even gets his hair did.

DIY Temporary Tattoos with Niki and Gabi

Niki and Gabi try out DIY Temporary Tattoos using gel pens and wax paper. Find out if it works!

How to Survive Your First Kiss

Do you practice with your hand… or a watermelon? The Merrell Twins talk about the first kiss: signs, prep and the right moment.