Our Story

AwesomenessTV is a global entertainment media brand creating what Gen Z lives and breathes.

With original programming available across mobile and streaming services, web destinations and broadcast networks, AwesomenessTV has built an audience of millions with series like Royal Crush, Guidance and Cheerleaders and influential content creators like Meg DeAngelis and Jenn McAllister.

AwesomenessTV is a family of complementary brands. We are the ATV Network, a global creator community. We are Big Frame, an influencer talent management company. We are Awestruck for millennial moms, Awesomeness Films, and DreamworksTV. We connect brands with our audience through our brand partnerships division and inform and counsel partners with Wildness – all with the goal of making Gen Z’s world more awesome.

Founded by producer, creator and director Brian Robbins (One Tree Hill, Smallville, All That, Varsity Blues) and Joe Davola (In Living Color, MTV Networks), AwesomenessTV is owned by Comcast, Hearst and Verizon. That’s us. For now.

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We integrate brands into our daily social and video programming, produce scalable custom creative campaigns, and pair our top notch influencers in meaningful ways. Send us a note and let’s discuss how we can put the power of Awesomeness to work for you!


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We make a lot of videos…LOTS! If you’re interested in featuring our awesome shows and movies on your platform, let’s talk.