10 Bra Hacks That Will Change Your Life

We've got 99 problems, but pesky bra straps ain't one


As women living in today’s world, it’s clear we’ve all got 99 problems (at least!). But you know what shouldn’t be one of those problems? Pesky bras and bra straps.

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That’s why we’ve rounded up the best bra hacks that will truly make your life easier, allowing you to focus on slaying those others 99 annoyances — things like, oh… sexism, misogyny, breaking that glass ceiling etc.

So pull up that bra strap that’s totally fallen down your shoulder while you’ve been reading this, and let’s jump in.

1. Transform Your Bra to Work With Racerback Tops

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Want to wear a razorback tee or dress but don’t have a racerback bra? No problem. Instead of running out and spending $50 on a new bra, try transforming one of your everyday ones. All you need is a paper clip! Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions:

And if you want to go for a more comfortable (although a bit more expensive) option, order one of Nordstrom’s bra clips.

2. Stop Getting Poked By Your Underwire 

Maxi pads to the rescue! If your underwire is starting to poke out of your bra and stab you, you don’t have to run out and get a new bra; you can actually use a maxi pad as a bra band-aid. Simply cut a pad into small strips (about six), choose a strip, peel off the back paper, and then stick your strip over the underwire. It should look a little something like this.

3. Hide Pesky Bra Straps 

Summer is just around the corner (right?!), and you know what that means: Getting really excited to wear cute tank tops, only to realize your bra straps show in every.single.one of them.

But fret not. We’ve got a simple and cheap way to fix this problem — sew a “bra strap holder” into your shirts! All you’ll need is two snap fasteners, two small pieces of elastic, a needle, and some thread. Here are the steps:

1. Sew studs into elastics.

2. Sew sockets to straps.

3. Fasten the snaps.

4. Sew unfastened ends of elastic in place.

If you don’t have the patience or time for this nifty DIY, try using some double-sided sticky tape instead. While the tape won’t last as long, it will definitely hide your straps in a pinch.

4. Use the Two-Finger Test to Find the Right Bra Size

Slip two fingers under your bra band. If your fingers can’t fit comfortably, your bra is too small and you need to go a band size up.

5. Go “Braless” With Backless Summer Dresses 

Ever dream of frolicking around town effortlessly in a backless summer dress and a sunhat? You’d look something like this:


Yeah, US TOO. There’s just one little problem. What about your front?! How do these fictional summer goddesses pull off backless dresses without bras?!

Well, it looks like we’ve finally figured it out. According to badass blogger Katie at Skunkboy, the trick is to cut off the straps and back of your bra and sew the front half into your dress. Check out the step-by-step guide here.

6. Know When Your Bra Isn’t Working 

Oprah, the goddess herself, is ALLL about finding the right bra for your body, so of course, she discovered Bra-Fitting Whisperer Susan Nethero. Nethero put together a set of signs you’re wearing the wrong bra for Oprah.com. Check them out here.

7. Use a Salad Spinner to Dry Delicates Faster 

We’re serious! We all know it’s a total no-no to put our fine lingerie (read: the undies we spent WAY too much money on) in the dryer. But what if you need to wear your newly washed delicates ASAP and waiting 24 hours for them to air dry just isn’t an option? Use a salad spinner to get the excess water out before you hang them up to dry. This will drastically cut down on dry time. Plus, you’ll look totally sane and normal doing it:


8. Convert Your Bra for Low-Back Dresses 

The brilliant women of the Internet have figured out a way to transform any old bra into a low-back dress bra. However, if we’re being honest, the DIY looks a little intimidating and totally time-consuming.

If you love DIYs, check out this hack from Extra Petit. If you’re not into DIYs, buy the bra converter called Low Expectations to transform your bra to work with all low-back dresses.

9. Store Your Bras Correctly

If you want your bras to last longer, store them better! The bonus? You won’t waste all that time digging through drawers and laundry hampers trying to find the bra you need. Check out these 15 bra organization hacks.

10.  Fix Straps That Cut Into Your Shoulders

The pain is REAL. If your straps are constantly cutting into your shoulders, consider purchasing these Bra Strap Pads.

Skylar Harrison
Skylar Harrison

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