10 Wardrobe Essentials For Tall Girls

Embrace your height

Tall girls, we get it. You might have enviable mile-long legs like Karlie Kloss, but we know how cray it can be for you to find fashion pieces that complement your super tall stature. From ill-fitting tops to too-short skirts, shopping can actually be your worst nightmare — poor you!

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That’s why we rounded up a list of foolproof fashion essentials that are sure to flatter your vertically blessed size. Shop these staples, stat!


1. Wide Leg Jeans

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Tall girls have trouble finding jeans that don’t hit their calves, which is why the wide-legged jean is perf for your gams. Flared demin hits your feet at the best length without looking like your pants have shrunk.


2. Maxi Dress

Being able to pull off wearing a flirty maxi dress is probs one of the best perks of being a tall girl. Thanks to your long torso and limbs, the maxi dress flows effortlessly on your frame. And did we mention how super comfy they are?!


3. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are great for tall girls. A chic jumpsuit — whether a playful romper or a satin evening jumpsuit —  is the perf alternative to a fancy dress that not only flatters your height, but also elongates it.


4. Mid-Length Skirt

Instead of a mini skirt — which can be wayyyyy too mini for your long legs — choose a mid-length skirt that falls right above the knee. It’s more comfortable, stylish, and complements your figure to a tee.


5. Flats

Intimidated by heels? Luckily, tall girls can wear fashionable flats and look amazing. From ballet flats to oxfords to sneakers, the options are endless! When in doubt, go for the neutral color to help you go from day to night. But don’t be afraid to go bright either!


6. Trench Coat

When it comes to a topper, skip the waist coat and go for a longer silhouette. Your envious height means you can effortlessly wear long outerwear, like a trench coat, without drowning in them.


7. Big Purse

Being able to wear big, bold accessories like an oversized purse, is a huge pro for tall girls. Big accessories might overwhelm a smaller stature, but it’s pretty much perfection on you. But remember: go for only ONE oversized accessory. You want to wear it — not have it wear you.


8. Block-Heel Shoe

If you want to wear a heel, but are scared of walking around like a total giant, then opt for a block-heel shoe. The shoe adds just the right amount of height without causing you to tower over everyone else.


9. Cropped Pants

The beauty of having tall legs means that whenever you wear cropped pants — from capri pants to cropped boyfriend jeans — your limbs never look short. The versatile look pairs well with sandals or stilettos!


10. Tunic

A loose, drapey tunic hangs on you rather than overwhelming your frame, which means it’s always an ultra good look on a tall girl. Plus it draws attention to the center of your body rather than your extra long limbs.