10 Winter Boots You Will Want to Live In All Year

Cozy and Fashionable Winter Boots

Raise your hand if you’ve been dreaming of winter and couldn’t wait for all of the chic, winter outfits you will wear? Yeah, us too. There’s something about winter time that makes our minds go straight to what boots we’re going to wear this season. Perhaps it’s because we can never really wear them any other time of year. But regardless of why, we seriously can’t get enough of these boots. Check out these fashionable winter boots you must have this season and see why we’re obsessing over them.

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1. Sorel Boots

This season’s must-have boot have got to be Sorel. The style combines the hiking functionality (that seems to be all the rage right now) and style. Plus, they’re incredibly durable in all sorts of weather.

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2. Steve Madden Over-the-Knee Boots

There’s something undeniably sexy about an over-the-knee boot. Whether you’re wearing them over your favorite jeans or flashing just a bit of skin, they really lengthen your legs. For those of our fellow shorties, these are an ultimate hack to make you look taller! Plus, they keep your whole leg warm!

3. Booties

These booties have everything: an almost-Oxford shape, a bit if height and classy embellishments. The black can go with almost any outfit and the quality will keep these bad boys in your closet for years!

4. Bean Duck Boots

These boots are one of the hardest to get! That’s because they are manufactured in only one warehouse in Maine and are made with a lot of TLC. And due to the demand, everyone wants one! Maybe because of its high functionality paired with its quirky colors. Whatever the reason, WE MUST HAVE THEM.

5. UGG Boots

We couldn’t NOT include UGGs on this list. They keep you warm, they are super comfy and they go with everything (especially leggings!). Having a black, brown and tan pair are ideal to match with everything. And if you have 3 pairs of UGG boots, you really don’t need anything else this season.

6. Hunters High Gloss Boots

Come rain, snow or just super cold weather, Hunters is the perfect solution. These high gloss boots not only look sleek, but keep you super warm. Pair them with the knit, rollover socks and you’ve got an absolutely preppy, winter look.

7. Topshop Mercury Bootie

For those of you who feel like you want to be in space more than in the snow on planet Earth, these are the ultimate bootie for you. The metallic boot gives your feet a chance to shine amidst the snow and the heel gives you a little bit of height.

8. Børn Eerie Boot

Our go-to boots of the season. These boots can go with almost anything in your closet! The color is a perfect shade of amber brown and the embellishments give just a bit of design to an otherwise industrial looking boot. Perfect to throw on when you want to keep warm and not worry as much about high-fashion.

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