11 Celebs Rocking Fangirl Fashion


Being famous doesn’t mean you can’t also be a closeted fangirl — or have a fangirl-worthy closet. Here are 11 celebs who proudly wear their fandoms on their sleeves (and shirts and clothes in general).

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Gigi Hadid — “Star Wars”

The Force is strong with this model. She walked around NYC recently in a “Star Wars” t-shirt and bright red pants.

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Olivia Culpo — “Power Rangers”

Go go this t-shirt. Olivia was spotted proudly displaying her old school “Power Rangers” love in this tee. She dressed the look up with a leather skirt and leather jacket.

11 Celebs Rocking Fangirl Fashion - olivia culpo

Caption: InStyle

Bella Thorne — “Power Rangers”

Olivia isn’t the only “Power Rangers” fangirl walking the streets of Los Angeles. Bella Thorne wore a “Power Rangers” tee of her own. Bella styled her Power-ful look with denim shorts.

11 Celebs Rocking Fangirl Fashion - bella -thorne

Source: Pinterest

Rihanna — Mickey Mouse

You don’t have to be an official member of the Mickey Mouse Club to be a Disney superfan—just ask Rihanna, who has been spotted out in Mickey Mouse shirts more than once. This one is our favorite though.

11 Celebs Rocking Fangirl Fashion - rihanna

Source: Coolspotters

Selena Gomez — Elvis

Sel showed off her passion for The King with this Elvis shirt years ago. Bring this look back, Selena!

11 Celebs Rocking Fangirl Fashion - selena gomez

Source: Blogspot

Elle Fanning — “Sleeping Beauty”

Elle Fanning didn’t just play Sleeping Beauty in Disney’s hit “Maleficent”, she’s also a big enough fan of the character to wear a standout fangirl dress featuring the princess.

11 Celebs Rocking Fangirl Fashion - elle fanning

Source: InStyle

Taylor Swift — Rachel Platten

Taylor Swift showed some love for her fellow singer, Rachel Platten, when she stepped out in a shirt with lyrics from Rachel’s hit “Fight Song.”

11 Celebs Rocking Fangirl Fashion - taylor swift

Source: People

Sarah Hyland — “Pocahontas”

Sarah Hyland’s amazing “Pocahontas” shirt has “Colors of the Wind” immediately stuck in our heads.

11 Celebs Rocking Fangirl Fashion - sarah hyland

Source: Pinterest

Beyoncé — Guns & Roses 

Didn’t know Bey was a rock fan? Well, she is, if this Guns & Roses tee she wore is any indication.

11 Celebs Rocking Fangirl Fashion - beyonce

Source: Capital FM

Emma Stone — “Star Wars” 

Emma Stone let her inner geek out in a “Star Wars” tee for Stand Up to Cancer.

Perrie Edwards — Batman

We’re not saying Perrie Edwards is Batman — we’re just saying no one has ever seen Perrie Edwards and Batman in the same room. Seriously though, this fangirl-worthy shirt would be a great cover if she really were the caped crusader.

11 Celebs Rocking Fangirl Fashion - perrie edwards

Source: Pinterest

Featured Image Source: Vogue