12 Backpacks That are Anything but Basic

Make your back-to-school accessory as fashionable as you are

When it comes to going back to school, you need a backpack that perfectly represents your personality. After all, you’ll be carrying it around every single school day! Good thing backpacks can be as fashionable as they are functional, and we’ve found 12 picks that’ll make the decision easy for you.

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1. H&M Patterned Backpack – $17.99

Blush pink is one of the trendiest colors of the year, and as an added bonus, this backpack features rose gold polka dots and a pom pom detail. At less than twenty bucks, it’s a steal!

backpacks that are anything but basic pink polka dot h&m

Image Source: H&M

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2. JammyPack Festival Survival Backpack – $78

If you are the go-to guru for music at school, this backpack is for you. Not only is it a total eye-catcher with its metallic shell, it also features a window for your tablet and a built-in speaker.

backpacks that are anything but basic silver jammypack

Image Source: Forever21

3. Jansport Superbreak Backpack in “Pineapple” – $36

Just because fall is starting and you’re heading back to school doesn’t mean you have to let go of summer 100%. Feel those July tropical vibes all the way through the winter with this pineapple patterned backpack. It’ll keep you hanging in there until spring break!

backpacks that are anything but basic jansport pineapples

Image Source: Jansport

4. Vans Deanna Jade Green Velvet 22L Backpack – $41.95

What looks more luxurious than jewel-toned crushed velvet? You’ll feel like a hundred bucks carrying this bag around school, and with its generous capacity and big front pocket, it’s super functional, too.

backpacks that are anything but basic vans velvet

Image Source: Zumiez

5. Neff Daily XL Backpack – $45

If you’re a classroom daydreamer, then this backpack is for you. The serene cloud pattern with blues, pinks, and yellows will instantly sooth you — also perfect for those stressful classes. As as an added bonus, it features a padded laptop sleeve.

backpacks that are anything but basic neff daily xl

Image Source: Journeys

6. Trans by JanSport® Super Cool 17″ Ocean Vintage Floral Print Backpack – $44.99

Blue and white toile is the ultimate classy print; it’s got that instantaneous French vibe. The pack features ergonomic straps, a laptop sleeve, and a lifetime limited warranty — but none of that takes away from the Parisian chicness of it!

backpacks that are anything but basic trans jansport blue and white

Image Source: Target

7. Betsey Johnson Small Backpack – $68

Appliqué details with a neon twist? Yes, please. This backpack is perfectly on-trend with the floral patches, and the black background adds drama. It even has a fuchsia lining inside!

backpacks that are anything but basic betsey johnson

Image Source: Macy’s

8. Zara Faux Fur Backpack – $49.90

Want to bring something homey and cozy to school everyday? How about this rose-colored faux fur backpack. It’s equal parts trendy and snuggly while still being completely functional.

backpacks that are anything but basic zara faux fur

Image Source: Zara

9. Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Backpack in Leopard Print – $54.95

Show off your wild side with this leopard print backpack. Along with the great pattern, this backpack also sports bold lettering along the straps and tons of pockets for all of your storage needs.

backpacks that are anything but basic victoria's secret pink leopard print

Image Source: Victoria’s Secret

10. Pusheen The Cat Backpack – $34.99

Okay, so you can’t bring your pet to class — but this backpack is the next best thing! Pusheen’s adorable face (and 3D whiskers and ears!) will keep you smiling all school day long.

backpacks that are anything but basic pusheen

Image Source: Tilly’s

11. Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Backpack – $34.90

If you wish you were hopping on the Hogwarts Express instead of the bus, this backpack is for you. It’s got an insanely cool print of the Hogwarts crest as well as all four houses’ crests. 10 points to Gryffindor!

backpacks that are anything but basic hogwarts crest

Image Source: Hot Topic

12. Charlie Shearling Backpack by Skinnydip – $76

One part cloud, one part pillow, two parts backpack. This is the perfect bag to keep you feeling warm and cozy through the colder months, and the black faux leather details give it just a little bit of edge.

backpacks that are anything but basic skinnydip shearling

Image Source: Topshop

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