5 Fashion Trends That Are Sticking Around in 2017

What's new is new again

There might be new fashion trends popping up on runways this year, but your closet will be happy (and relieved) to know that there are a few style staples from 2016 that are sticking around. Here are the five fashionable items from last year that are still going to be huge for 2017.

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1. Loungewear

Good news, athlesiure fans: chic and cozy clothing isn’t going anywhere in 2017. In fact, if recent runways and Instagram are any indication, it’s probably going to be bigger than ever before. YASSS to more joggers and hoodies!

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2. Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are one of our fave fashion items, which is probably why they’re sticking around for another year. Jeans and jeggings might even get more distressed than ever in 2017, but don’t despair. You can always cut more holes into your fave hole-y jeans.


3. Dainty Jewelry

Minimalist gold and silver jewelry, like delicate earrings and tiny bracelets, are here to stay. This is amazing news since we love the earring stacking look — which tiny studs and hoops are perfect for. Plus, the simple look of layering bracelets and necklaces is so effortless and elegant, it will probably never totally disappear.


4. Vintage Tees

We were seeing the resurgence of vintage tees on our fave celebs, like Zendaya and Gigi Hadid, last year and it looks like the rocker chic vibe is still rocking on in 2017. Wanna try something different? Pair yours with a cute blazer and a pair of pumps.


5. Off the Shoulder Tops

The look — dubbed the “Bardot” — was coming into our sartorial peripheral vision late last year, and it looks like 2017 is welcoming the pretty fashion statement with open arms. It’s a perfect piece to easily dress up or down. For something more casual, pair with ripped jeans and sandals. Want glam? Simply add heels and a mini skirt.