5 Ways to Look Chic in a Sweatshirt

Upgrade your favorite cozy layer

Sweatshirts are the comfy classic. Fleece-lined pullovers are perfect for wearing to class or lounging at home, but they don’t scream instant style. However, this laidback casual layer can be surprisingly chic with the right styling. Here’s 5 ideas to look chic wearing a sweatshirt — and you can apply these to your fave hoodies too!

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5 Chic Styling Ideas for Sweatshirts

1. Baggy Meets Fitted

Wear an oversized sweatshirt with fitted pants. Skinny jeans balance out the baggy size of the shirt to give you a flattering look—and they add a little sophistication. Complete your outfit with a pair of booties and mini leather bag.

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2. Bling + Tee = Perfect

Dress up a crewneck pullover with stunning statement jewelry. Whether you own boho, edgy, or feminine jewelry, the contrasting pieces add an unexpected touch. Kick it up a notch by throwing on a t- shirt underneath for more interesting layers.

3. Weather Friendly Layers

Layer up. Even when the weather is less than ideal, you don’t have to sacrifice wearing a great outfit. You can pull this off no matter what your sense of fashion is—neutrals always look amazing when they’re layered together.

4. Get Fancy

Sporty meets girl for seriously cool fashion. Take a sweatshirt to a whole new level by pairing it with a skirt for a fresh outfit that’s totally unconventional.

5. Invest in a Dress

You might’ve spotted celebs (like Kylie Jenner) wearing the “lampshading” trend this year—baggy sweatshirts worn as a dress and paired with killer thigh-high boots. That look probably won’t fly at school, but you can invest in a sweatshirt dress for class. You’ll look awesome pairing it with a trending jacket, like a bomber or leather moto style. It’s guaranteed to become the coziest dress you own.