6 Reasons Why We Love Zendaya’s New Fashion Line

Time to dress head to toe in Daya by Zendaya

Ever since day 1, Zendaya has always been our favorite fashion icon. She slays every red carpet with some of the most incredible event attires we have ever seen and she always takes the title of “Best Dressed.” Even when Zendaya is rocking some awesome sweatpants or keeping it casual, she manages to look oh, so chic all the time. Plus, we love how Zendaya loves to try different looks and she brings style to another level in any OOTD that she wears. Zendaya is a fantastic fashion inspo and she encourages everyone to know that the best fashion accessory you can have is being confident in anything that you wear.

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Zendaya just released her own fashion line called “Daya by Zendaya” and this is a day we all have been waiting for. For total obvious reasons, we love Zendaya’s fashion line because who wouldn’t enjoy a line of clothing inspired by the fashion queen herself, but there are a ton of other reasons why Zendaya’s clothing line is the greatest and we want every item from her collection.

Here are 6 reasons why we love Daya by Zendaya:

1. Her clothing line comes in all sizes

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Reason #934678 why we love Zendaya. This multi-threat made her fashion line available in all sizes from 0 – 22. It’s so amazing how Daya by Zendaya sends out the positive message that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.


2. The clothing is affordable

Ever go into a store and find something you really want only to see that your wallet doesn’t want it anymore?! #Same #Relatable – Well, as for Zendaya’s clothing line, the prizes range from $20 to $200, so you’re not going to be breaking your bank account when you buy her super trendy clothing.


3. It’s inspired by the NYC streets

Zendaya is always jet-setting and is at a different city each day, but did you know that her clothing line was actually inspired by the streets of New York City?! So cool! We’re digging the Big Apple flavor in all of the clothing items.

DayabyZendaya.com… We're official now 😆

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4. The clothing line has so much variety

Whether you’re into jumpsuits or you want a faux fur coat, Zendaya’s clothing line definitely has something that will fit your flair for fashion. The line also has items in a wide range of magnificent colors like blue, nude, black, olive, and more, so you have an endless amount of options.

Blush slip dress and silk bomber available now on dayabyzendaya.com 👄

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5. Shoes, shoes, and more shoes!

Of course you need some awesome shoes to wear along with your amazing Zendaya inspired outfit. If you want to be head to toe in Daya by Zendaya, then you def have to check out the shoes because they are incredible and we totally can’t choose which one is our fave!


6. You can meet Zendaya at one of her pop-up shops

Just recently, Zendaya had her first pop-up shop where fans were not only able to shop her fashion line, but they also got the chance to meet her as well. *Fan-girling to the max* Zendaya is also so extraordinary that she made sure to take photos with everyone who came out, so if you see that Zendaya is coming to a city near you with one of her pop-up shops, be sure to come out!


You can shop Zendaya’s fashion line, Daya by Zendaya here – time to start making our holiday wish lists now!


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