6 Tips on How to Wear Kitten Heels Purrfectly

They're 'kitty' amazing

Can’t decide between flats or stilettos? You might want to consider wearing a kitten heel. The pretty-but-practical shoe has been popping up on fashion runways as of late, which makes it officially back in fashion. A cross between comfortable and chic, kitten heels are purrfect for those who want to look good and walk comfortably. It’s basically the answer to your shoe dreams!

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Below are tips on how to wear a kitten heel right meow! We promise that being an inch or two off the ground has never looked so good.


1. At School

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Pair a neutral colored kitten heel (black works best!) with a pair of jeans and a loose fitting sweater or turtleneck for an effortlessly chic look.


2. Out With Your Squad

Opt for a pair of thigh high kitten heeled boots for a surprising but sultry twist on the trend. Pair with a tunic sweater or mini skirt for extra flirtiness.


3. On a Date

For an ultra feminine look, take a page from Taylor Swift’s fashion portfolio and pair your kitten heels with a full, frilly skirt and a cute blouse or sweater.


4. For the Job Interview

Update your go-to job interview outfit (crisp blazer and dark pants) with a pair of uniquely criss-crossed and textured kitten heels. It will give you the extra pep in your step that you need.


5. To Brunch With the Fam

A tanned pair of kitten heels with a simple sweater and distressed jeans — not to mention a purrfect printed scarf — is a fashionable look that even your mom would approve of.


6. To the Formal School Dance

Don’t count out kitten heels when it comes to one of the biggest events of the school year. They’re not only glam, but they’ll also provide you the much-needed comfort and support for the dance floor.