6 Trendy Spring Jackets You’ll Want in Your Closet

For those cool nights

Now that spring is here, we can finally put away our huge parkas for a more stylish topper. However, LBH, spring weather is confusing AF. One day, it’s sunny outside, and the next, it’s chilly and rainy. With erratic temperatures, it’s important that your new spring jacket is both fashionable annnnnndddd functional.

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Now that your puffy winter jacket is safely in storage until next year, we’ve come up with the list of the trendiest — and useful — jackets you’ll want to shop for right now.


1. Hooded Jacket

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The perf topper for the in-between weather that spring often brings. A utilitarian jacket like this one is great for running errands and/or going to and from the gym. Joe Fresh, $69. 


2. Floral Kimono 

Nothing screams spring more than a floral kimono. The lightweight, flirty topper is perfect for your date with bae or those chilly nights out with friends. Forever 21, $17. 


3. Metallic Jacket 

What do you get when you blend athleisure with metallic — the hottest hue of the season? Only the most trendy jacket you’ll find this spring. Wear it anywhere from the gym or a concert, and you’ll for sure stand out from the crowd. H&M, $39.99. 


4. Sequinned Tweed Jacket 

A tweed jacket is the best topper to wear for your next job/internship interview or a classy brunch with your grandparents. Pair it with some skinnies or a knee-length skirt for the most effect. The sequins makes it that much more glam. Zara, $129.


5. Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is probably the most classic choice for a spring jacket. It’s both lightweight for sunny days, but warm enough to keep you toasty on the cooler ones. Plus, it’s chic AF. Urban Outfitters, $118. 


6. Denim Jacket 

The quintessential jacket for spring has to be the denim jacket. From distressed to dark to light to embroidered, there are so many options for everyone’s style. Wear it with a maxi dress or joggers. Forever 21, $30.