7 Closet Organizing Hacks That Your Mom Would Approve Of

Everything has a place and purpose

Life is just so much better when you can actually find your favorite sweater in the morning. But the struggle is real when your closet is small and totally disorganized. Though we can’t all have an amazing closet like Kim Kardashian West or Clueless‘ Cher Horowitz, we can help you achieve closet awesomeness with these easy organizing hacks.

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1. Assess Your Clothes

OK, this one’s going to hurt a little. But assessing your clothes and figuring which ones are going to stay, and which ones should go, will do your closet some good. Make three piles: keep, donate and trash. Donate the clothes that you haven’t worn in over a year — and don’t look like trash — and trash the ones that do.

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2. Hang Multiple Clothes Together

You can hang a number of garments together on one hanger using soda can tabs.


3. Use Shower Hooks

Shower hooks can be used to loop scarves through on hangers, or hang totes and purses from.


4. Hang Hats from a Hanger

This trick keeps your hats super organized. Hang your collection of toppers from shower curtain clips, or another kind of hook, on a single hanger.


5. Keep Your Clutches In Line

Place your clutch collection in a magazine file on top of your closet shelf for easy access.


6. Buy a Second Closet Rod

Fasten a second closet rod into your closet space. You can either place it below your original rod, or stagger it (depending on the size of your closet). This is particularly a good idea for those who tend to have more separates than dresses.


7. Store Your Lingerie in a Shoe Organizer

Sounds cray, but it’s so cray cray that it works! Hang the organizer either at the back of your closet door or on a wall. This is a super easy way to manage and access your delicates.