7 DIY Fashion Hacks for Prom

Prom Doesn't Have to be super $$$

7 DIY Fashion Hacks for Prom

There’s little wonder why DIY prom fashion hacks are popular: they’re stylish and super easy to do — and not to mention cost less $$$!

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With some creativity and a little bit of sweat, you too can whip up some fabulousness that will make your prom night that much more memorable and unique! Enjoy!


1. Add some bling to your heels

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No need to spring for a new pair of pumps for prom. By hot gluing a cluster of pearls or crystals either on the heel or toes of your shoes — or both! — you can easily create a pair of Cinderella-worthy stilettos! (Don’t worry — this trick also works for flats!)


2. Transform Your Summer Maxidress

You can easily take your maxi from day to night with some simple tweaks. Cut a long thigh-high slit for a flirty new look, while adding a dazzling belt and a few sparkling details to the neckline will def make it prom-worthy.


3. Create Your Own Choker

Worried your choker might look like everyone else’s? Make your stand out by creating your own. Purchase some elegant fabric, like lace. Measure the length of your neck, then add one inch. Cut the lace straight and sew the ends for a more polished look. Add a clasp at the end, and voila!


4. Design Your Own Hair Accessories

Creating the perfect accessory for your ‘do is easier — and way more stylish — than taking a trip to the local mall. Attach feathers, florals, crystals and/or beads to a plain headband, hair clip, hair comb or hair pins with a hot glue gun. Let it dry and boom!


5. Create Your Own Cut-Out Dress

A cut-out dress is def a flirty and memorable trend to wear on prom night. With a few simple tricks, you can easily turn an old dress into a knockout. Place a circular object along the bust line and trace a pencil around the object. Begin cutting. (Don’t cut the seams or the dress will fall apart!). Then cut a thick strap from the scraps. Using a piece of fabric you just cut, tie a knot around the center strip of fabric between the two semi-circles. Then repeat for the front and back of your dress.


6. Pretty Up an Old Purse

Having the perfect clutch to match your beautiful gown is essential — and easy to make! Simply dazzle up an old purse or clutch with crystals, feathers, or faux fur for an entirely new look. Old jewelry, like necklaces and bracelets, also works. Just unhook them from the chains and glue away!


7. Add Some Flair to Your Flip Flops

You know that by the end of the night, your heels will be off and the flip flops will be on. There’s no reason why your comfy footwear shouldn’t also be as dazzling as the rest of your night. Jazz up your flip flops by wrapping ribbons around the top of the shoe and attaching fake florals and tons of beads and crystals with a glue gun.