6 Ways to Wear Fishnet Tights

Get your punk rock on

With fishnet tights popping up everywhere lately, from runways to the Kardashians’ Instagram, it’s safe to say they aren’t just for punk rockers anymore. The rad tights are having a major comeback, which is awesome because they are the perf accessory to help you transition your winter to spring wardrobe. They might not keep your gams too warm, but they give an easy fashion forward look to any OOTD.

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Here are some easy ways to incorporate the edgy trend to your fave outfits.


1. Wear Them With Shorts

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Can’t wait to wear your fave pair of cut offs, but think it’s still too cool outside? Add a pair of fishnets and give your shorts a rocker chic update.


2. Wear ‘Em With a Floral Dress

A pair of fishnets easily adds some edge to your floral spring dress.


3. Wear ‘Em Under Ripped Jeans

Fishnets are the perf because they can either be the focal point of your outfit, or an awesome add-on, letting them peek out from under the holes your jeans, and having them show just a few inches above your waistband.


4. Wear ‘Em As Socks

Don’t feel like wearing stockings, but still want the rocker vibe? Then a pair of fishnet socks is your answer. Make sure to wear them with cropped pants or rolled up jeans so you can show them off.

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5. Go Total Grunge

Keep the look totally grunge by pairing your fishnets with a skater mini skirt and graphic tee (bright green hair is optional).


6. Go Total ‘90s

Wear your fishnets with a velvet slip dress and choker for a truly fun and gorge ’90s look.

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