8 Pieces of Clothing You Should Never Throw Away

#2: The Dress That Makes You Feel Like Beyonce

Cleaning out your closet feels gooood — and sometimes is totally necessary — but there are times when you might be too quick to toss away an item, only to feel #InstantRegret later. Before you tackle any spring cleaning chores, take a look at our list of the eight pieces of clothing you need to protect with your LIFE (or at least refrain from throwing away). Because one day they will scream, “Vintage!” Trust us.

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1. The Leather Jacket That Makes You Feel Like a Tough Chick

Maybe you don’t want to feel like a rock star everyday, but you definitely don’t want to lose this staple item. Not only does it bring the most edge to any outfit, but it also goes with pretty much any outfit. Plus, a moto jacket will never go out of style.

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2. That Dress That Makes You Feel Like Beyonce

You know the dress. Maybe it’s your fave LBD, maybe it’s your homecoming dress, or maybe it’s that hot little number that you like to bust out on a Friday night because you knowwwww it makes you look — and feel — super gorge. Yeah, don’t toss out that dress EVER.


3. The Blazer That Makes You Feel Like a #GirlBoss

A chic statement blazer will always, always come in handy. From internships to job interviews to pairing it with a pair of skinnies and flats, it’s the ultimate piece of clothing that says, “I’m in charge and I look fabulous!”


4. The Handbag That Makes You Feel Like a Grown Up

Maybe it’s the designer handbag that you saved and saved and saved for until it was finally yours. Or maybe it’s the cute clutch that your mom gifted you, which instantly made you feel mature and glam AF. Those super awesome feels alone makes it worth keeping.


5.  The Trench Coat That Makes You Feel Like a French Girl

French style, with its certain “Je ne sais quoi,” never goes out of style. Which explains why the chic trench coat — the de rigeur Parisian topper — should never leave your closet.


6. The Ripped Jeans That Make You Feel Like Gigi Hadid

Simply put, ripped jeans are here to stay. They can be dressed up or down; they can be hippie or rock star; they can be feminine or tough chic. The only thing they can’t be is uncool. Don’t get rid of them.


7. The Family Jewelry That Your Grandmother Gave You

Even if it’s not your style, don’t be so quick to toss away your grandmother’s pearls or even her fancy brooch. As fashion continuously proves over and over again, what goes around, comes around. You might not love your Grandma’s jewels now, but you might later on. Plus, you should keep your family heirlooms. Sentimentality wins over style every time.


8. Your High School/Collegiate Sweatshirt

You might be sick of your school sweats now, but one day you’ll definitely wish you kept some of your old varsity sweaters. Not only will you crave their familiar coziness, but they also totally scream, “Vintage!” It’s what Urban Outfitters’ dreams are made of.