8 Ways to Style a White Tee

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8 Ways to Style a White Tee


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Everyone owns a basic plain white t-shirt. Next to jeans and sneakers, it’s a must-have staple in your closet. You probably absentmindedly wear your white tee while doing anything from yoga class to chillin’ on the couch to cleaning out your closet. But it’s worth reminding that your white t-shirt is anything but boring. With a little fashion inspo, you’ll discover that your white tee is the most underrated piece in your closet.

Here are 8 ways to style a white t-shirt to make it fashion forward and oh-so-chic.


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1. With a Blazer and Fitted Pants

A classic and professional update to the white tee is pairing with a fitted blazer and pants. It’s an easy go-to for that new internship or having a fancy dinner with the grandparents. A pair of rad sneakers gives off an edgy, less formal look.


2. With Printed Shorts and a Chic Summer Hat

Nothing screams summer more than this polished look. It’s perfect for a hang with friends at the beach, or strolling the boardwalk with your family. Add a cute pair of sneakers or sandals depending on your mood.


3. With Printed Midi Skirt and Sunnies

From shopping with your squad to strolling arm-in-arm with bae in the park, this is such a cool, laidback look that works for almost every occasion. And if you want to dress it up a bit? Simply add a pair of heels or wedges.


4.  Leather Pants and Sneakers

Sophisticated AF = this outfit. The white tee + sneakers make the leather pants casually cool and effortlessly chic. Amp up the look by adding killer accessories, like a thick watch and structured handbag.


5. Underneath Overalls (or Slip Dress)

For a totally rad ’90s look, slip your fave white tee underneath a pair of overalls or shorteralls. A slip dress will also do! Wear with your fave sunnies and a pair of combat boots and/or platform sandals, and you’ll be Cher Horowitz-approved.


6. With White Jeans

White on white is the ultimate summer chic look. Pair with a slick belt and add pops of personality and colors with your fave accessories, like hoop earrings, a gorge tote and stacked heels.


7. With Denim Cutoffs and Tons of Accessories

Play up a summer go-to out by pairing your white tee and cutoff outfit with tons of fab accessories. From a boho scarf to a fun necklace and a cute bag, this is a perf outfit for brunch with Mom or a day out with the girls.


8. With a Pair of Black Jeans and Chucks

Another ’90s look that totally rocks. Let your skinnies and your awesome pair of Converse do the talkin’ with this laidback outfit. Tie a plaid shirt around your waist for added coolness.