9 Feline Fashion Items Every Cat Lover Needs

It's all PURR-Fect

Cats — much like classic couture — never go out of style. Which is why they’re pretty much purr-fect inspo for our closet. From shirts to jewelry to shoes, kitties are meowy stylish than ever.

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Embrace your inner (or outer) crazy cat lady with these essential feline fashion items that every cat lover would love to get her paws on — without the pesky cat hair!


1. Cat Face Tights

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Add some flair to your gams with a pair of feline-tastic tights. Wear ’em with a short skirt or short shorts. Forever 21, $7.90.


2. Cat Patterned Dress

This dress is paws down the purrfect item for the biggest cat lady in your life. H&M, $9.99.


Cat Breeds T-Shirt

Your love for kitty cats isn’t restricted by stripes or spots, or breeds. You love ’em all. Which is why you need this tee. Urban Outfitters, $34.


Cat Mermaid Socks

Warm your tootsies with this pair of socks that put together our two fave things in the world: cats AND mermaids. ASOS, $3.


Cat Purse

Carry all your kitty and non-kitty needs in this super cute cross body shoulder purse that looks exactly like your feline friend. Amazon, $26.99.


Cosmic Kitty Sweatshirt

Your love for your kitty is out of this world, so honor your cosmic love with this adorable sweatshirt. ModCloth, $49.99.


Cats PJ Set

Thanks to this super cozy PJ set, you and your kitty will both be the cat’s pajamas. And the cute “get meowta here” is something we all know our cats are secretly thinking (but we love ’em anyway). Forever 21, $14.90.


Cat Earring Set

You’ll totally be kitty chic with this pair of elegant pearl stud earrings in the shape of your beloved pet. Amazon, $18.50.


Cat Blouse

Dress to impress with this fab kitty blouse. You’ll def make the people say, “Me-wow!” ModCloth, $49.99.