A Guide To Shopping In The Men’s Section

What You'll Find on the Other Side

Don’t settle for swiping sweaters from your brothers and perfectly soft pocket tees from your guy friends. There’s no rule that you can’t go shopping the same places they do. Don’t be afraid to cross over into the men’s section. Here are some tips on how to easily find pieces there that will integrate seamlessly into your already stylish closet.

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1. Think Oversized

No doubt you’ll be able to snag some fitted tees that skim your form. But keep in mind when you’re shopping for items like button-downs that men’s clothes can be structured much differently. Where women’s button-downs flare out for curves, men’s are generally straight. So go up a size or two and rock an over-sized open flannel over your own softest tank.

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2. Sweaters, Sweaters, Sweaters

Men’s sweaters are as well-crafted as the kind marketed to women and depending on the retailer, can be considerably less expensive. So stock up on their crew necks, V-necks, and shawl collar cardigans.


3. Boyfriend Jeans Are Just Jeans

Don’t limit yourself just to tops! Guys have been known to shop our section for the best quality skinny jeans. Why not raid their racks for some casual denim?

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4. Try Some Accessories

Beanies, belts, leather cuffs, baseball caps…you’ll probably have a bigger selection to choose from over on the boys’ side.


5. Adjust Your Shoe Size

Men’s shoe sizes are generally two sizes smaller than women’s. So if you’re an 8 regularly, you’d be a 6 in men’s. If your feet are on the small side, they may not carry the boots and sneakers you want in stores. But check online retailers, who’ll have a bigger selection.

Featured Image Source: Unsplash