A Kylie Cosmetics Accessory Collection Might Be a Real Thing

Fingers crossed

Just when you thought you might be able to keep your holiday shopping under budget, think again. Why? Because Kylie Jenner might be releasing an accessory collection ANY DAY now.

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As if her perf holiday-inspired collection and her new collab with sister Khloe wasn’t enough excitement for her fans, now it looks like Kylie is adding super cool accessories to her beauty line.

Nothing’s been officially confirmed, but Kylie’s been teasing us about the new collection for a while. Earlier this month, she announced on her live stream that she has phone cases in the works.

“I have Kylie Cosmetics phone cases coming soon,” she said. “I’m just waiting for the right time to release them because I have a lot of other cool stuff I’m working on. They are so cute!” Then later she flashed us a sneak peek on her Instagram on October 21, and has been showing it off ever since.

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Then she revealed yet another awesome accessory on her Snapchat: a logo baseball cap!


We can’t wait to see what else Kylie has up her sleeve when it comes to her accessory collection — because you know she’s going to launch one. The only question is: um, when?? Though Kylie promises things are coming “soon” (whenever that means), we hope that soon means tomorrow. Or, at least, in time for Christmas.


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