Don’t Miss Out on the Latest Trend: Baseball Hats

Enjoy the Fall Breeze Without Messy Hair

Baseball hats are not the first accessory that comes to mind when you think of fall, but they make so much sense for the season. It’s not quite cold enough for a hat that covers the ears. A baseball hat does its part in keeping your hair out of your face and neat despite a little breeze. It provides a lightweight barrier against the weather. These new styles in cool fabrics look nothing like a hat you’d wear to play baseball either. So while they are an unexpected fall accessory among the scarves, gloves and choker necklaces, you should give one a try to mix things up.

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This Calvin Klein denim hat looks like a thrift store treasure but surprisingly, you can find it at your local PacSun. Pair with your favorite denim jacket and sweats for a cool denim on denim look if you’re just not into the Canadian tux.

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Accessory Alert: Baseball Hats: calvin klein

Source: PacSun



You can never go wrong with Nike. A basic black hat with their signature swoosh is always in style. This design is super lightweight and will transition nicely from your workout to brunch.

Accessory Alert: Baseball Hats: Nike

Source: Nike



This faux leather hat is your new go-to accessory for girl’s night out. The key to a fun night is to wear simple pieces in luxurious textures for optimal comfort and style. The hat will frame your face so a bold red lip will really stand out.

Accessory Alert: Baseball Hats: Guess

Source: Guess


Cable knit

Forget the beanie and try a soft cable knit baseball hat instead. This one feels like wearing your coziest sweater on your head. It’s the non-basic girl’s must-have fall accessory.

Accessory Alert: Baseball Hats: Knit

Source: Forever 21



Suede is one of the trendiest textures this season. This tan hue will look great against blue jeans and a chunky sweater. There’s even a pair of cute lips embroidered on the back.

Accessory Alert: Baseball Hats: Suede

Source: Urban Outfitters



If you can’t get enough of this shiny fabric, try it on a baseball hat. The sheen will take your casual outfit up a notch. It will reflect in the sun and catch everyone’s attention as you walk by…

Accessory Alert: Baseball Hats: Satin

Source: H&M